Networks and Cabling

Connectivity and accessibility are essential for any modern organisation. Network cabling is an important ICT component in this respect, and is usually installed for a period of several decades. It is therefore advisable to consider the quality of the network before installing it. 

Unica advises its clients on which type of cabling is most suitable for their situation and which fixed and wireless network infrastructure provides the most powerful basis for this. Unica is responsible for the installation of the networks and cabling. We assist our clients, for example, in designing, changing, maintaining, migrating, managing and administrating the fixed and wireless network, but also in conducting measurements of WiFi coverage or setting up internet connections between different locations.
In addition to advising on, designing and realising fixed or wireless networks, Unica also provides services and support as an addition to or extension of a client's own ICT department. In this way, Unica manages and administers all changes and actions of devices that are connected to the infrastructure.

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