Industry Solutions

As a specialist in industry solutions, Unica offers an integrated approach to process design, mechanical engineering systems, industrial automation, safety and the construction and installation of control panels. Unica has been working for small and medium-sized clients for many years in the process manufacturing, manufacturing, machinery and hydraulic engineering industries, where we take care of existing production processes, production expansion and entire new-build projects. By cleverly automating production processes, the dependence on manpower is reduced, which has a positive effect on the operating profits of clients.

With Unica's one-stop-shop offering, clients in the process manufacturing, hydraulic engineering and manufacturing industries receive integrated industrial solutions for every issue. To this end, Unica constructs new building systems and upgrades and migrates existing building systems, based on an approach in which efficiency, safety and sustainability are paramount. 
Thanks to their extensive knowledge of production processes, energy management, operating systems technology and ICT infrastructures, the responsible, proactive and enterprising team members ensure maximum added value. In this way, Unica enables its clients to continue to produce sustainably, innovatively, efficiently and reliably, today and in the future.

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