Unica offers solutions for data management issues by taking care of the construction and the entire technical infrastructure of datacenters. Unica advises on, designs, builds and maintains reliable datacenters throughout Europe. Whether it's a greenfield turnkey project, the construction of a datacenter for co-location or expanding computer areas within companies: As a specialist, Unica can take care of the realisation of datacenters.

During the realisation of datacenters, Unica is the main building contractor, with a project team that is fully tailored to the client. We conduct a quick scan analysis to quickly gain insight into specific wishes and situations. After this analysis, the presentation of the plan of action and approval of the budget, Unica expertly realises a datacenter that meets the high demands of our time. 
Not only in the case of new-builds, but also in the case of existing datacenters, it is of great importance that data can be managed securely and sustainably. Issues such as the number of Watts per square metre or TIER classifications that reflect the security level of the datacenter are essential to the optimal management of data. Unica is also happy to collaborate on these specialised aspects in order to further modernise existing datacenters.

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