Building Projects


New-Build and Renovation Projects 
Unica is the go-to engineering partner for new-build and renovation projects. Unica's engineering solutions make buildings smart, comfortable, safe, healthy and sustainable. By being involved in a project at an early stage and working together with other chain partners, Unica can develop the best possible design for the client. 

Unica applies all the technological specialisations of its companies, such as fire safety, security, ICT and office automation, sustainable energy and measurement and control technology. These are integrated into a comprehensive package of building systems, tailored to the specific situation, requirements and wishes of clients. 

Unica is involved in high-profile projects, such as the construction of the new Amphia Hospital in Breda and the new Hilton Hotel at Schiphol airport and the renovation of the building of Eindhoven University of Technology and the De Hallen building in Amsterdam. Unica provides integrated solutions that cover all systems in a building, so the mechanical and electrical engineering systems as well as the ICT systems. Regardless of whether a building project is new-build or renovation project, Unica's specialist engineers can support the entire project, from the initial preparations to the commissioning of the building.

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